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Concern about excessive taxation is not merely some Washington parlor game. In New York State, the concern about excessive taxes garners daily headlines - particularly in counties north of New York City. The problem affects both commercial and residential property and has been there for years.

The issue is well documented. A non-partisan research group, the Tax Foundation, has compiled data showing that 15 of the country's highest-taxed counties are in New York State, as measured by the percentage of taxes compared to home values. Business property taxes are also often excessively high, compared to the actual value of the property.

When to File a Grievance to Challenge Excessive Assessments

Business owners, this is a reminder that the time to file a formal challenge to an unduly high property tax assessment is now. Under New York State law, in the majority of communities, these challenges (also called grievances) must be filed with the municipality's Board of Assessment Review by the fourth Tuesday in May, which this year falls on May 22. If you are not satisfied with the results of the grievance process, you may also sue by the end of July.

As a business owner, you know you're competing in a dynamic marketplace and cannot afford to pay taxes on an assessed value that is more than your property is really worth. If the local assessor won't adjust your taxes to reflect objective appraisals of the property's value, a grievance is the proper path for seeking recourse.

Role of an Experienced Law Firm

At Hacker Murphy, LLP, our attorneys have years of experience handling real estate tax reduction cases. We take these cases on either an hourly or a contingent fee basis. Under a contingent fee arrangement, you pay only an agreed-upon percentage of the amount by which a successful tax assessment challenge is able to reduce your bill.

Our clients include a broad range of commercial and industrial properties. These include malls, golf courses, manufacturing plants, office complexes, apartment complexes, retail buildings and restaurants.

If you are concerned about your property tax assessment and considering filing a challenge, contact us to discuss your specific situation. A New York property tax dispute lawyer in our office can advise you on how to proceed.