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Safety laws help prevent car accidents on New York roads

  • 19
  • December

The holiday season has taken over New York. That means multitudes of people taking to the roadways to visit family members or attend holiday festivities. All those cars on the roadway makes it vital for all drivers to ensure they are driving in a safe manner. Failing to drive in a safe manner can lead to accidents that might cause injury or death. In order to maximize the safety of New York roadways, there are state laws that must be followed.

One important point in New York law serves to keep children who are in cars safe. Children must be properly restrained while riding in a car. Younger children should have a child safety seat or booster seat. Older children should be restrained with a lap/shoulder seat belt. Failing to ensure all children are properly buckled in can lead to points being added to the driver's license and up to a $100 fine. It can also mean the child might be thrown from a vehicle in an accident.

Property owners must clear sidewalks to prevent injuries

  • 04
  • December

While many people in Albany might dream of a white Christmas, that often means a hassle for property owners. In Albany, like in many other cities across the country, property owners are responsible for keeping sidewalks and common areas free of ice and snow.

As the snow begins to fall, it is important for anyone who owns property to understand how he or she must handle sidewalks. Not only does this ensure they comply with the rules of the city, it also ensures that nobody walking past gets hurt by falling on a slick surface. If a pedestrian falls on a slick sidewalk, he or she might decide to seek compensation from the property owner for that injury.

Do prescription drugs qualify for product liability lawsuits?

  • 20
  • November

Anyone who watches television has probably seen a variety of commercials about prescription medications. Some of those commercials are advertisements for the drugs that highlight the benefits and then warn of a list of adverse reactions. Other commercials are for lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies for the adverse reactions the drug can cause. This might have some of our New York readers wondering why companies would make drugs that could harm people. The answer isn't really all that simple.

Why are unavoidably unsafe drugs sold?

Factors affecting bicycle accident compensation in New York

  • 06
  • November

Bicycle-vehicle accidents are often very serious accidents. Think about the bicycling accident we discussed last week as an example. That young model was struck by a bus as she was biking. She was placed on life support and her parents were planning on donating her organs to save other lives. That accident shows just how extensive the injuries can be in an accident that pits a motor vehicle against a bicycle rider.

We know how much a bicycle accident can devastate a family. Even if the bicyclist who is struck doesn't suffer injuries as severe as those we discussed in last week's post, the injuries can still have a significant impact on the rider and their family members.

Bicycling model on life support after New York accident

  • 23
  • October

We have often discussed how important it is for all drivers to be vigilant when they are driving in New York areas that are frequented by pedestrians and cyclists. As sad as it is, there are some instances in which drivers just aren't as vigilant as they should be. A recent accident on Roosevelt Island shows just how devastating these accidents can be for the victim and victim's family members.

The accident happened when a 29-year-old Swedish model was riding her bicycle on her way home. A bus driven by a 51-year-old man made a left turn. As the bus was turning, the model was hit. It is unclear if she swerved into the bus or if she was bumped by the bus. She was taken to Weill Cornell Medical Center where she was listed in critical condition.

Who should pay for dog bite and animal attack damages?

  • 05
  • October

Our focus last week was on how dog bites are only part of the story when it comes to animal attacks. We discussed how other animals can bite, kick or otherwise harm people in a way that leads to injuries. That post might have some people wondering who is responsible for damages when someone is injured by an animal owned by someone else. Our New York readers might like to know some basic information about animal bites and damages.

What if I was bitten by a dog in a vehicle?

Dog bites aren't the only animal attacks that happen in New York

  • 25
  • September

One of the last things you expect while you are walking around the neighborhood or anywhere in Albany is to be attacked by a dog or another animal. When animal owners aren't as responsible as they could and should be, animals might get loose and attack for a variety of reasons. The injuries from these attacks can be severe. They can be very costly, especially if the injury requires extensive medical care or rehabilitation.

For people who are attacked by domesticated animals, the thought of having to pay for medical care and other expenses is something that might be at the top of their concerns after the attack. Those victims, however, have the right to seek compensation for their injuries if the animal owner was at fault for the attack.

Defective household products shouldn't cost you money

  • 12
  • September

When you buy something from a store or from an online merchant, you likely expect that it will work as intended without harming you. In many cases that can happen, but New York readers of this blog know that injuries sometimes do happen when products are dangerous or defective. When injuries occur, there is no reason why you should have to pay for the resulting medical bills and damages.

Proving fault in a product liability accident can sometimes be difficult, but that is when experience with applicable laws can help to make things a little easier. We are familiar with handling a variety of product liability claims. Our website has some examples of the types of cases we handle, including claims involving recalled products, defective household products and faulty industrial equipment.

Sports anchor sues New York ice rink over arm injury

  • 29
  • August

When people go to an arcade or to a sporting venue, they likely expect that the premises is safe for the public. While the vast majority of people can go to these venues without any accidents occurring, when there is an accident, they can often require medical care. That is what happened to Linda Cohn when she was at Hudson Valley's Brewster Ice Arena.

Cohn was at the New York hockey rink to practice for a promotion with a minor league team associated with the New York Rangers. She was in the rink's arcade area when she says a change-making machine fell. She says that the injury she suffered required her to get 25 stitches in her arm. She posted a picture of her injury on Twitter that was described as "looking like a baseball" because of the stitches.

Elements of a premises liability lawsuit in New York

  • 15
  • August

Getting hurt on someone property isn't a pleasant experience for anyone. When those injuries are serious and require medical care, the experience gets far worse. In those cases, there is a possibility that the person who got hurt might be able to obtain compensation for the losses caused by the injury. This type of lawsuit is a civil matter that falls under premises liability.

In New York, there are several considerations that can affect the suitability of filing a premises liability lawsuit. One of these considerations is whether or not the owner knew of the unsafe conditions. Another is what your status was on the property. A third is that the owner's negligence is what caused your injury.

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