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Recalled product necessitates BMW recall for airbags

  • 18
  • July

Amid all the recalls of cars, people are probably getting tired of hearing about them. However, there is another recall to check out. New York readers who drive a BMW might be interested in this recall. The recall is caused by an air bag that might not work properly, which could cause injury.

While the recall covers 1.6 million cars, only around 574,000 are said to be in the U.S. This recall is similar to those issued by other manufacturers in recent years because BMW uses similar air bag inflators from Takata Corp, which is the actual recalled product.

New York VA facing problems over lack of proper sterilization

  • 11
  • July

Veterans who go to VA medical centers expect that they will receive care that will help them to overcome or cope with medical issues. They certainly don't expect that they will have to deal with unsanitary practices at the medical center. The Office of Special Counsel, however, is saying that the Buffalo VA Medical Center is violating sterilization standards for medical equipment used in the center.

A representative for the VA Western NY Healthcare System denies those allegations. She says that the VA's Office of the Medical Inspector hasn't found any violations of regulations, rules, or laws. She did say that they have called in experts for a review.

Alleged drunk driver kills woman in New York car accident

  • 19
  • June

Making the choice to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming alcohol is a choice that can affect not only the driver's life, but the lives of others who are on the roadways. In some cases, the choice to drive drunk is the deciding factor that can take another motorist's life. That is exactly what happened in a recent accident in New York.

The accident happened in the early morning hours on a Saturday when a man driving an Audi slammed into a woman driving a Mercedes. The 54-year-old man was heading northbound when he slammed into the 45-year-old woman who was going eastbound.

1 killed, 1 injured in fall down elevator shaft in New York

  • 06
  • June

Falls are the leading cause of deaths among construction workers. Thousands of workers are injured each year in falls and hundreds are injured. Each year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration leads a week-long event called the National Fall Safety Stand Down in an effort to help draw attention to the need of construction workers to follow proper safety protocol to prevent falls. Unfortunately, in the midst of the OSHA campaign, a worker in New York City died from injuries received in a fall down an elevator shaft.

The Sunnyside neighborhood in New York wasn't so sunny earlier this month when a worker was killed while working on a school that is under construction. The construction worker apparently fell down five stories in an elevator shaft. Sadly, he was pronounced dead on his way to the hospital.

Recalled product from Avon may cause eye injuries

  • 23
  • May

As a child, you probably had a fear of poking your eye out based on an adult telling you to stop running with a stick or doing some other similar activity. As an adult, you probably don't think about the possibility of poking your eye out very much. New York residents who use the Avon Ergonomic Eyelash Curler might have reason to worry about that very problem if the latest recall is considered.

Avon has announced that it is recalling the Ergonomic Eyelash Curler because there is a chance that the eyelash curler could break while you are using it. If this occurs, a metal pin might be exposed. That metal pin could cause an injury to your eye.

New York head-on crash puts 3 people in the hospital

  • 09
  • May

Route 23A was the site of a two-car crash that resulted in multiple injuries. The accident happened in Catskill, a town in New York, and it was a head-on collision. It took place just after 2:00 in the afternoon, and it happened about two miles away from the intersection where Route 9W and 23A come together.

Three people were involved in the wreck, and they all sustained injuries. The specifics of those injuries were not released, but it has been said that they are serious. The three individuals were all taken to Albany Medical Center by ambulance.

James Hacker Inducted into The New York Academy of Mediators and Arbitrators

  • 02
  • May

JAMES E. HACKER, ESQ., managing partner of Hacker Murphy, LLP, has been inducted into The New York Academy of Mediators and Arbitrators, a chapter of The National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals.

The National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals is an association whose membership consists of ADR professionals distinguished by their hands-on experience in the field of civil and commercial conflict resolution, and by their commitment to the practice of alternative dispute resolution. Membership is by invitation only and limited to attorney mediators and arbitrators who have proven experience in the field. All Academy members have been thoroughly reviewed and found to meet stringent practice criteria. Members are amongst the most in-demand neutrals in their respective states, as selected by both peers and local litigation firms.

With over 800 members throughout the United States, the NADN is the nation's largest professional association of top-tier neutrals to make its roster available online at no cost to visitors. You can view Mr. Hacker's profile at www.NYMediators.org/james-hacker

Police officer critical after allegeldy DUI car accident

  • 25
  • April

Drinking and driving is irresponsible. It can lead to serious accidents that cause injury or death. For one police officer, trying to help a fellow officer who had problems with his police radio turned into a tragic event when an alleged drunk driver slammed into his car. New York residents might be interested in learning about this serious car accident.

The alleged drunk driver, a track coach and high school math teacher, crashed into the officer's car so hard that the officer was trapped inside with broken bones and head injuries. The officer is in critical condition. After the man smashed into the police car, he fled on foot but was caught in a nearby neighborhood. He was arrested for drunk driving.

Property Tax Assessment

  • 16
  • April

Property tax assessment complaints must be filed with most New York Towns and Cities on or before the fourth Tuesday in May. This year's "grievance day," May 27, is the day after Memorial Day, so "last minute" filers should try to complete and file their reduction requests by Friday, May 23, to be prudent. If using mail, registered or certified mail is recommended so the filer has written proof of delivery.

Many leases confer the right to protest a property's assessment upon a tenant which pays a property tax pass-through. Absent a specific enabling clause in its lease, it is wise for a tenant to file anyway if ownership is inattentive or disinclined to protest for any reason and the valuation and tax burden appear excessive. WHEN IN DOUBT - FILE, as there are virtually no viable means to force a taxing jurisdiction to accept an untimely complaint.

Falling merchandise and shelves in Bronx cause serious injuries

  • 11
  • April

For most people, going to the store is an act that doesn't take too much thought with the exception of deciding what to purchase. Most people don't think about the possibility of being hurt while at the store, but there are some instances in which injuries at a store do occur. For eight people who were shopping at Discount Outlet in Bronx, falling merchandise and tumbling shelves ended with them at Lincoln Memorial and Mental Health Center.

Shoppers who witnessed the incident said that an 8-foot shelf buckled. That shelf hit another shelf and a chain reaction that resembled falling dominoes started. Some of the merchandise even spilled out of the front windows of the store. A mountain of products fell on top of three children and three adults. A witness reported that one of the victims was screaming in what seemed to be excruciating pain. The witness also said horrible screams were heard from the children.

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