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Schenectady DWI Attorneys

Schenectady DWI Attorneys

Experienced Attorneys Defending DWI Charges

Schenectady, New York is located about 19 miles southeast of Albany, and the two cities share many of the same metropolitan resources. The city’s economy is in a period of growth and the downtown area is continually adding new small businesses, shops, and restaurants. While Amtrak regularly provides service to Schenectady, most of the city’s residents and visitors get around by driving. Unfortunately, these drivers are not immune to making bad decisions and sometimes, they get behind the wheel after having too much to drink. When that happens, chances are high that a DWI arrest will take place.

The Attorney You Choose for Your Defense in Your Schenectady Dwi Case Will Make All the Difference.

If you receive a DWI conviction in Schenectady, the consequences may be devastating to both you and your family. Some of these repercussions may not be apparent to you at first. But, as the process works its way through the legal system, you may soon realize that a small headache can turn into a throbbing migraine. If you find yourself on the receiving end of a Schenectady DWI arrest, it is crucial that you contact an experienced criminal defense legal practitioner who has the skill to navigate Schenectady’s courts. Moreover, an attorney’s reputation also carries a lot of weight when negotiating plea deals. The attorneys at Hacker Murphy have both the experience and reputation. For years, our firm has become a mainstay in the legal scene of Upstate New York, and we pride ourselves in providing quality, timely, and exceptional criminal defense services to our clients.

The Schenectady DWI defense attorney you choose for representation should adequately explain the possible challenges, risks, and strengths of your case. He or she should also provide you with solid advice regarding your rights and potential options. Your Schenectady DWI defense attorney must be fully versed in the complexities of your specific case so that your legal rights are preserved and respected. Whether it is by negotiating a fair, reasonable plea agreement or by fiercely advocating on your behalf at trial, your attorney must always be prepared and willing to take your fight as far as you determine it should go.

What Our Attorneys Do for You

At a national level, underage drinking and driving continues to decline, primarily due to prominent public campaigns against the practice, as well as the passing of tougher laws. As a result of the country’s tough stance on drunk driving, penalties for a DWI conviction (particularly in New York) can be severe. However you look at it, if you or a loved one has been charged with DWI in Schenectady, you owe it to you and your family to hire the best legal team out there. Hacker Murphy has the judgment and experience to negotiate the best possible plea, but we also have the skill and tenacity required to take your case to trial, if necessary.

If you have been charged with a DWI, we represent you at all resulting criminal proceedings and administrative hearings. We file the necessary paperwork, hire independent labs if necessary, and handle negotiations with prosecutors by using your specific goals to guide the process. And, if we cannot reach a reasonable, acceptable plea agreement, we will defend your rights aggressively in court. At the same time, we will always be honest with you regarding your case and the possible outcomes.

And while past successes do not always guarantee future victories, it is accurate to state that our attorneys have obtained satisfactory and favorable plea agreements in thousands of cases. Furthermore, we enjoy a strong winning record in cases where it was necessary to go to trial to see that our clients’ rights were vindicated.

Penalties You May Find Yourself Facing.

New York State has some of the toughest drunk driving laws in the country. If you are convicted of a DWI in Schenectady, you may potentially face one or more of the following penalties:

  • Monetary fines and penalties
  • Administrative suspension of driver’s license
  • Possible prison time
  • Probation
  • Increase in car insurance rates (sometimes as much as a 400 percent hike, for at least a few years)
  • Loss of job
  • Difficulty in obtaining a job, housing, and other opportunities
  • Community service
  • Alcohol awareness courses
  • Alcohol rehabilitation counseling
  • Attendance of a Victim Impact Panel
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device in every motor vehicle you own
  • Loss of certain security clearances
  • Certain travel restrictions
  • Negative effects on immigration status and applications for citizenship
  • Destroyed reputation and standing in the community

With so many potential negative consequences, you do not want to place such a serious matter in the hands of an inexperienced attorney. Our Schenectady DWI defense attorneys command respect from their professional peers, as well as prosecutors, assistant district attorneys, judges, and law enforcement professionals.

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Have Questions?

  • If I hire an attorney but do not want to go to trial, can I settle?
    In the course of preparing a case for trial, your personal injury attorney will work with the defense attorneys and insurance companies in an effort to secure a fair settlement for you and your family. The final decision to accept an offer of settlement or go to trial is yours alone to make.
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  • If arrested, what steps can I take on my behalf?

    1. Do not discuss your situation with anyone except your attorney.

    2. Unless your attorney says otherwise, do not discuss your case with law enforcement.

    3. Request to have your attorney present if you are to be put in a lineup or subjected to testing.

    4. Remain calm and courteous. Allow your attorney to speak for you to ensure that your rights are protected and you are given all the benefits afforded to you under the law.
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  • What is the difference between criminal procedure and civil procedure?
    When a crime has been committed, action is taken by a government agency against the person, persons, organization or other entity that violated the law. The first purpose of a criminal prosecution is punishment, which frequently consists of a fine or jail time. In a civil matter, the dispute is between two or more individuals or entities. The first purpose of a civil prosecution is obtaining compensation for the wronged person or entity. Settlement in a civil matter is generally an award of a money judgment. A criminal sentence is not imposed in a civil matter.
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