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Filing A Defective Product Law Suit

Albany Product Liability Attorney

Let our New York Legal Team Help You File a Defective Product Lawsuit

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When you make a purchase, you never expect that item to cause damage to property, injury, disability, or even death.

Sadly, every day a child, adult, or senior is injured by a product, resulting in pain, suffering, disability, and, in some cases, death.

Holding the manufacturer or other entities responsible for that product accountable is a monumental task. To succeed in gaining compensation for damages, injury or death will require a significant investment of time, energy, legal resources, and legal maneuvering.

You want the very best to represent you, right? Yet many struggle to find the right attorney, thinking they cannot afford the most experienced attorney for the job.

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Pay Nothing Up Front

Fortunately, the Hacker Murphy is able to take on qualified defective product suits and invest the necessary resources without billing the client until a settlement or trial is won. Bottom line: our clients pay nothing unless and until we achieve a settlement or jury verdict that awards them financial compensation. This is called a contingency agreement.

Choosing an Attorney for a Defective Product Lawsuit

There are many factors to consider when deciding on a defective product lawyer in Albany to represent you in defective product cases like car defects or defective stairs. It is important that your Albany product liability lawyer has experience in the courtroom. Your attorneys must be prepared to go to trial and be able to win – the threat of trial must be real in order for any settlement negotiation to be effective.

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Hacker Murphy also represents clients with the following injury cases:

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Have Questions?

We Have Answers!
  • If I hire an attorney but do not want to go to trial, can I settle?
    In the course of preparing a case for trial, your personal injury attorney will work with the defense attorneys and insurance companies in an effort to secure a fair settlement for you and your family. The final decision to accept an offer of settlement or go to trial is yours alone to make.
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  • If arrested, what steps can I take on my behalf?

    1. Do not discuss your situation with anyone except your attorney.

    2. Unless your attorney says otherwise, do not discuss your case with law enforcement.

    3. Request to have your attorney present if you are to be put in a lineup or subjected to testing.

    4. Remain calm and courteous. Allow your attorney to speak for you to ensure that your rights are protected and you are given all the benefits afforded to you under the law.
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  • What is the difference between criminal procedure and civil procedure?
    When a crime has been committed, action is taken by a government agency against the person, persons, organization or other entity that violated the law. The first purpose of a criminal prosecution is punishment, which frequently consists of a fine or jail time. In a civil matter, the dispute is between two or more individuals or entities. The first purpose of a civil prosecution is obtaining compensation for the wronged person or entity. Settlement in a civil matter is generally an award of a money judgment. A criminal sentence is not imposed in a civil matter.
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