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Who Is Liable for a Nursing Home Slip and Fall Accident?

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Accidents can happen nearly anywhere, especially slip and fall accidents. Unfortunately, that also means it can happen to our loved ones in nursing homes. The biggest issue with slip and fall accidents in nursing homes and other types of care facilities is that we don’t always find out about the accident right away. Still, if the nursing home or someone in the nursing home was responsible for your family member’s slip and fall injury, you could be entitled to financial compensation.

Types of Injuries from Nursing Home Accidents

When you think of nursing home slip and fall accidents, you probably imagine common injuries like a sprained ankle or broken hip. However, sometimes the injuries aren’t always visible right away, which increases the potential for the accident to become even more serious. Because our loved ones aren’t always able to let us know when they’ve been hurt, injuries can become even worse. Some of the types of injuries that can happen in a nursing home slip and fall include:

  •      Head or traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  •      Neck injury
  •      Broken or fractured bones
  •      Tendon or ligament tears
  •      Spinal cord injuries

If you suspect your loved one has fallen, it’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Who is Responsible for Nursing Home Injuries?

In order to get justice for your loved one, you will need to prove that the nursing home or its personnel were somehow responsible for the accident. Proving negligence can be overwhelming, so it’s crucial that you have an experienced legal team on your side throughout the process.

Nursing homes have a responsibility to provide an environment that is safe and free of hazards. If there is failure or negligence in this regard, the facility could be held responsible for injuries. For example, there have to be clear procedures in place for making sure areas that are slippery are marked and that residents aren’t in danger of slipping and hurting themselves in those areas. The nursing home can also be held accountable in situations where employees are not properly trained or do not provide proper supervision of residents.

The nursing home can also be held responsible if the resident doesn’t receive adequate medical treatment after the slip and fall. Depending on the circumstances, the nursing home facility, the medical professionals who were responsible for treating the resident, and even other residents might be held accountable for your loved one’s injuries.

Nursing Home Injury Lawyers with Experience

Any injury involving our loved ones in nursing homes can be devastating. The attorneys atHacker Murphy understand how difficult it can be to trust nursing home professionals with our loved ones’ care and then find out they were neglected or abused. If you suspect that your loved one has been injured because of a slip and fall accident in a nursing home, we can help you get justice. To request a free and confidential consultation with your family member, call us at (518) 284-3183 fill out our online contact form.